Welcome to Unity of Stockton

Stockton Is Magnificent Festival!
This Saturday, October 5 from Noon to 3 PM!
Our Unity Booth will be near Whirlows.

"Before I Die"
With Whirlows gracious consent, we have put up a chalkboard wall for all of Stockton to enjoy for the month of November.
If you had the chance to answer the question
"Before I DIE I WANT TO________."
How would YOU fill in the Blanks?
Grab a piece of chalk and add your answer!

This wall will be a community wall where we can all reflect on our lives and share our individual stories with our friends and neighbors.
You can write anything from funny to inspirational. Each and every one of our individual personalities and stories are what makes us a community. This community project is a positive way for the community to come together. All you have to do is come out and write on the wall and your voice will be heard to anyone who sees it. This is the miracle mile and what better of a way to celebrate it with a wall of miracles and dreams!

This wall will only be up for one month so please come out and be a part of this community project, take pictures and share them!

The Wall

The Wall

If this project touches you, check out our website!
We invite you to join us 10:30 AM Sundays for our Gatherings!

Are you are looking for a community that is spiritual but certainly not religious? Are you looking for “something more” spiritually in your life? If so, you are one of millions of people who have begun their own unique spiritual journey, and Unity of Stockton may feel like a homecoming.

At Unity we support the universal truth, energy and life found in all faith traditions. You are welcome here and will be supported in your exploration and growth right where you are. We find that we are much more alike than we are different! When we let go of “ours is the only, or ours is the best way” part of our traditions and simply explore what is true for us, we find the Unity, the Oneness spoken of in all traditions.

We are Unity, a spiritual movement that honors the spark of Divinity in each of us, while we explore practical methods for spiritual development in our lives. We have been described as a practical, positive, progressive, and supportive spiritual community that honors all paths and all religions. Indeed, Practice is a key word! We are here to practice what we learn.

We choose to see our lives as opportunities for affirming spiritual possibilities. Simply stated, we are not victims in our lives. We always have choice. Life is our opportunity to develop and practice our spiritual principles in human form. We accept our creative responsibilities with enthusiasm and joy.

Our spiritual values are Happiness, Joy, Love, Wisdom, Inspiration, Compassion, Forgiveness, Inspiration, Deep Listening, Non-Violence, Responsibility, Peace, and the list grows from here.

We invite you to visit our spiritual community where our goal is happiness, and where we celebrate Light, Love, and Inspiration. Together, at Unity of Stockton, we make a difference in our world.

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A Transformational Meditative Experience! Saturday,April 20, 2013 at Unity of Stockton
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